Victor Rogers – Founder & Chief Consultant

Victor has an incredible eye for detail and a gift for encouraging people to look and feel their absolute best. He created Victorious Inc. as a way to combine his talents, interests and favorite activities, while helping people improve their image through smart wardrobe choices. He especially enjoys helping clients navigate major transitions such as career change, significant weight loss or gain, or 'suddenly single' and dating again. No matter where they are, Victor knows that by putting their best foot forward (in the right shoe, of course!) , they will look and feel better along their journey.

Born in L.A. (Lower Alabama), Victor studied psychology and English literature and earned a degree in broadcast news and public affairs. He has worked in public relations and communications for more than 15 years, writing, consulting, and preparing individuals and groups for media interviews by giving tips on what to say and what to wear (or what not to wear) during that crucial moment.