"I'm worth it!" Instead of buying three inexpensive cotton-blend sweaters, consider one cashmere sweater.
Yes, it costs more - but it looks better, feels better, and sets you – and your style – above and apart!

"I care about the details." Pay attention to accessories. Watches, scarves, cufflinks, sunglasses, hats and
belts are fashion necessities.

"I care about this meeting/event." Gentlemen, polish your shoes. A good suit paired with bad or scuffed
shoes make for a bad look overall.

"When I'm happy, everybody's happy." Good undergarments are just as important – often, more important – than the top layer of clothing. Nothing can ruin your day or evening faster than ill-fitting or uncomfortable underwear.

"I respect you – and your senses." Use fragrances sparingly: a little goes a long way.

"I don't care." No Crocs after age 10, unless you're gardening or washing the car.