"I had gained weight and was living in sweat pants and pajamas. I was uninspired and uninterested in looking at myself or my image. After canceling my first "shop" with Victor, he showed up at my door with bags of fabulous clothes I never would have considered. In my own home, I was able to start the process. I look better, I feel so much better, and it gave me the push I needed to get back on track."
Loren S :: advertising executive

"Victor has a great way of meeting people where they are and helping them evolve their style. After he successfully nudged me to take a second look at some new trends, he completely redefined and enhanced my casual wardrobe."
Susan H :: professor

"Before Victor, I lacked the know-how to make a first impression that was unique, compelling, and professional. He tirelessly coached and helped me prepare for media interviews – and now, as a direct result of our working relationship, I have become a sought-after expert in magazines, newspaper and radio outlets. Thank you Victor! Victorious Inc. exceeded my wildest expectations!"
Brandon S :: consulting partner

"I am that rare woman that does not enjoy shopping for clothing. On the other hand, I knew that I needed a wardrobe and style makeover. From the initial assessment through the actual store visit, Victor's services were highly customized and professional to meet my particular style and budget. Shopping was much less painful – even a tad fun with him. And I have received so many compliments on the outfits he selected for (and with) me – from girlfriends to men 20 years my junior!"
Rosita S :: personal historian/writer