Must Weights - Density

For German wines to fit in the categories described in the terms section, the wines must ;-) have a certain density. There are several units of measures for this, but I will use % denser than water. Standard grape juice is about 7.5% denser than water. To make it more complicated each growing region has a different density requirement (the offered reason is due to the differences in soil). These regulations must keep alot of people employed.....For example - A Baden Kabinett can have the same density as a Mittel Rhein Spä
tlese....Alles in Ordnung ! Below is a survey, not a comprehensive list since there are 13 regions.

Estate Riesling: (can add grape skins to add sugar, aka QbA)
5.1% Mosel | 5.7% Rheingau | 6.0% Pfalz
7% Mosel | 7.3% Pfalz | 7.6% Baden
7.6% Mosel | 8.5% Pfalz | 9.0% Franken
8.3% Mosel | 9.2% Rheinhessen | 10% Franken
Beerenauslese - Eiswein:
11% Mosel | 12% Nahe | 12.5% Baden
Trockenbeerenauslese: (the Unifier !)
15% Everywhere