2015 Vintage Report from Germany

Rarely has a vintage year received at the conclusion so much praise as the 2015er.
The German Wine Institute (DWI)is reporting top quality from all growing regions.
Thanks to perfectly healthy, fully mature and very aromatic grapes, wine lovers can expect very fruity,
happy, harmonious whites and intense, full-bodied red wines.

The vintage year also has an extraordinary number of high-quality noble sweet specialties,
from Auslese up to Trockenbeerenauslese. The nationwide expected harvest volumes are at
around nine million hectoliters, the level of the ten-year average and only two percent below last year's numbers.

Due to the very dry summer, the harvest rate fluctuates quite strongly from the perspective of the vintner's
water storage capacity of the soil and the age of the vines. Also among the different production areas,
different harvest situations are emerging. For example, while the expected harvest volume in Baden
is twelve percent below the average, normal levels are expected in Pfalz and Nahe, in Wuerttemberg,
Saxony,Middle Rhine, Mosel and Saale-Unstrut an above-average crop yield is expected.

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