Top quality from all German cultivation areas 2009:
 Harvest Numbers are approx. 10-15% below the average, but a great harvest year none the less. After one year with almost perfect climatic conditions the winegrowers are extremely content in all 13 German cultivation areas with the wine qualities. " This class of this harvest stands alone" , the president of the German viticulture federation Norbert Weber prognosticated. „Rare we read of as aromatic, healthy and full-ripe grapes/clusters, described as in this year “, said the president of the association. Many enterprises this year obtained must weights from far over 150 degrees of Oechsle for BA and TBA selections.

The yields of the wine vintage according to data of the German institute for wine (DWI) with presumably about 8.8 million Hektoliters countrywide approximately ten to fifteen per cent under that of the previous year as well as the five-year mean. In some cultivation areas as for instance Rhinegau, and Mittelrhine had diminished returns of over 20% one counts. The producers in Franken had had no deficit and in the Pfalz only comparatively small diminisheds returns of six per cent. The smaller harvest quantities are to be due to an uneven bloom as well as the sunny dry late summer. In the East German cultivation areas Saxonia and Saale Unstrut delat with the strong winter frosts which resulted in yield-reducition, so that compared with 2008 half could be harvested only approximately there.

Viticulture president Weber counts apart from single operational price adjustments despite the harvest quantity below average on to a large extent stable wine prices. For DWI manager Monika Reule offers the class 2009 in this country an unusually good price benefit relationship to the wine friends: „There is much wine from the 2009er from all German cultivation areas for the money. Because many harvested late and selections are offered for marketing-technical reasons as quality wine “, explained Reule. It expects fruit-forward, contentful and very well balanced white wines. In addition the consumers could look forward to strong, color intensive and fine red wines. It remains being waiting whether 2009 can be crowned still with ice wines. The state of health and maturing of the grapes/clusters offer best conditions for it. Reule is sure itself that the class 2009 will receive also internationally large attention. „Beside the great Riesling and Pint Noir the unusual red wine qualities might particularly provide for surprise, because abroad it is not yet very well-known that in this country on approximately a third of the red wine is cultivated and Germany the third biggest Pinot Noir Producer in the world is “, explained a DWI boss.